The current exhibit features two galleries, St. Joseph Abbey and 'In the beginning'.

The St. Joseph Abbey gallery can be accessed by following the link (clicking on the text "St. Joseph Abbey, Spencer, MA."

The "In the beginning, God created music' gallery can be found below.



In the beginning,

           God created music ....


In the beginning, God created music

Is it wrong to say that?  But consider the following:  

  • The harmonies of this universe – the rhythms of the rising and setting of the sun, the planets and stars appearing with utmost predictability on our horizon;  
  • The oceans wave rolling onto or shores, one after the other, in steady motion;  
  • The incredibly varied songs of the infinite variety of birds;  
  • The whispering breezes sifting through the newly-leaved branches of springtime. 

In the beginning God created music.  And from the beginning of human history there have been those who have imitated God, creating music from the divine music, and translating into music the whole range of human experience.  

All this music and so much, Joseph Smith gave us.                                                                                (from the funeral homily, Msgr. John Strynkowski, Cathedral Rector)

Exhibit is in memory of Joseph Barry Smith 
Director of Music and Organist
Cathedral Basilica of St. James
Brooklyn, New York