Sal James



Hi and thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you enjoy the images I created! 

My name is Sal James. I am a photographer and live in New York, NY. 

The ultimate goal for me, as a photographer, is to document and create images that speak to the human experience.  I enjoy every opportunity to capture people, creatures, nature, and objects through my lens.

Since high school I always enjoyed taking pictures.  I remember the jaw-dropping experience of being in the darkroom for the first time and learning how to develop and print.  I’ve since acquired a digital camera and for the past several years have been refining my photo skills and creativity.  I’ve been able to capture lifetime moments for people and seek to work on specific projects to better tell a story about people or environments.

I'm a graduate of NYU in human resources and in education.  Besides photography, I also enjoy films, theatre, travel, and dinner with friends.

New projects will post seasonally, while photos within the galleries will rotate more frequently.

Send an email to be notified about new website postings or gallery exhibits in NYC, my availability for a photo shoot, or just to say hello.

Happy Shooting!